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Mayland Group has a highly professional design team to work for dealers, builders and contractors. 20-20 is by far the most used pro kitchen design software used in north america and in the world. To learn more about 20-20 design, please find at To learn more about how to work with Mayland Kitchen Designer, please visit Mayland Design.
To figure out how to install Mayland Cabinets, click here for our Installation Guide. Since Mayland Cabinets are sold nationally through a net work of independent dealers, in order to have best installation result, please turn to your cabinet dealer for help.

Mayland Answers Your Most Frequently Asked Questions

For an example:
Q: How long does it take to pick up the order?

A: Since we import and stock all products in our warehouse, you can pick up your order the same time we receive your payment. In the event of out-of-stock items, we give you a reasonable      alternative design, or approximate restocking time for your consideration. Because the stock availability changes all the time, we would highly recommend you to confirm your order as            soon as you can.

Click here for more of our Frequently Asked Questions.


Q: Is Mayland Cabinetry covered by any manufacturer warranty?

A:Yes, Mayland offers a limited five-year warranty on all merchandises to the original purchaser, when 
owned by the original purchaser directly from Mayland given reasonable treatment not     exposed to temperatures exceeding room tempature cleaned properly (Do not use acetone or ammonia based products to clean.Using these cleaning products may cause doors to                 discolor)

kindly reminders:

      This warranty does not cover the natural aging or darkening of wood color, the inherent growth characteristics of, or variation in wood. 
      Some colors and replacement parts are subject to availability, and may differ from those originally supplied.

   This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, or damage of defects caused by misuse, abuse, negligence, alteration, non-residential use, or improper installation, storage, or handling.

   To the extent permitted by law, this warranty does not cover special, incidental or consequential damages (such as labor expenses) whether arising out of breach of warranty, breach of contract, tort, or otherwise.

  Some retailer may offer different warranties.