Jordan Downs
Jordan Downs-Rebuilding the Heart of Watts-1400 Units
Project Start Date
March of 2018
Cabinets Provider-Mayland Group
Hermosa Maple Shaker has been selected and will be installed to all units for Jordan Downs.
Neighborhood Transformation
The 700-unit Jordan Downs is one of the most distressed, isolated and violent public housing sites in the country. A community-driven master plan envisioned transforming this distressed place into a safe, welcoming and connected neighborhood that integrates public housing with other market rate and affordable housing, new neighborhood retail, employment opportunities and new streets and parks.
Community at the Center
With a new Central Park and Community Building at its heart, the new plan’s pattern of streets and small blocks reconnects Jordan Downs with the surrounding neighborhood and creates defensible private spaces and active public ones.
Roadmap for Success
Each phase of the 1,400-unit master plan includes four components: social services, new public open space, employment and new homes. The phasing plan permits on-site relocation of all existing public housing residents without displacement.
100 acres
Program Provided by
Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles