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Mayland Cabinetry is the Best Choice of builders, contractors and designers in Southern California. We are KCMA Certified so we carry only the highest quality semi custom cabinetry.
That is why Mayland-local program definitely benefits to the local homeowners and contractors in certain areas. Mayland-local program will help local customers to get our products easily with certified contractor’s installation services. (Mayland certified contractors are contractors who were working with Mayland’s products before with years of experiences.)
TEL: 909-476-7698
How it works:
1) If you are a home owner and willing to get your new kitchen or remodel your kitchen with Mayland’s cabinets, you can direct come to visit our Exclusive Showroom in Chino, Ca to see why our Quality Standards Are Done To Last Forever. Get Directions
2) Please download Mayland Project Planning Guide or check the article How to Measure and make your measurement, if you need help for the measurements, just contact us, we will provide you a door-to-door measure service (fees may apply).
3) Make an Appointment for Mayland free design service. One of our Mayland Specialists will help you to make your kitchen design and layout.  Free design service is a one-to-one custom service, in quality purposes please make an appointment before you visit us.
4) We will find you a Mayland certified contractor to help you install the cabinets within 7 business days. 
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