Q: How long does it take to pick up the order?
A: Since we import and stock all products in our warehouse, you can pick up your order the same time we receive your payment. In the event of out-of-stock items, we give you a reasonable alternative design, or approximate restocking time for your consideration. Because the stock availability changes all the time, we would highly recommend you to confirm your order as soon as you can.
Q: How can I get sample doors?
A: Mayland offers a free set of sample doors for all new retailers when you open the account. Make sure to provide all of your business information, such as seller's permit, business license, company documents, brochure and etc. If you are a contractor and need samples to show your customers, the cost of the sample door will be refund upon placing an order or upon the return of the sample door in the original condition, so you don't risk anything in case your customer don't like them. Please Note: Each sample is a random selection of wood and color may vary. Because no two pieces of wood are alike, even if they come from the same tree variations in color, grain and density will occur. This is true of the nature and beauty of wood.

Q: Are doors, drawers, cabinet and hardware packaged in the same pack?
A: Yes. When you receive a cabinet package you will be able to find all of the needed items for its construction. Also a written assembly instruction is included in the same box.

Q: Do the glass frame cabinets come with glass? Are knobs included in the package?
A: Sorry, no. If you choose glass frame to feature your kitchen, Glass will NOT be included in price as well as the knobs. You will need to purchase the glass and the knobs separately.
Q: Can I exchange for another size if I ordered a wrong cabinet?
A: Yes. Mayland would like to exchange or return your merchandise as long as
All return merchandises must present the original receipt
Assemble merchandises or open-box items are not refundable or exchangeable
Any damaged goods are not refundable or exchangeable(Except factory defects)
Non-boxed items such as fillers and molding are not refundable or exchangeable
All return merchandises are subject to 15% restocking fee after 14 days of purchase date
No refund or exchange after 30 days from the date of purchase

Q: Is Mayland Cabinetry covered by any manufacturer warranty?
A: Yes, Mayland offers a limited five-year warranty on all merchandises to the original purchaser, when
Owned by the original purchaser directly from Mayland
Given reasonable treatment
Not exposed to temperatures exceeding room tempature
Cleaned properly (Do not use acetone or ammonia based products to clean.Using these cleaning products may cause doors to discolor)

kindly reminders:
This warranty does not cover the natural aging or darkening of wood color, the inherent growth characteristics of, or variation in wood.
Some colors and replacement parts are subject to availability, and may differ from those originally supplied.
This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, or damage of defects caused by misuse, abuse, negligence, alteration, non-residential use, or improper installation, storage, or handling.
To the extent permitted by law, this warranty does not cover special, incidental or consequential damages (such as labor expenses) whether arising out of breach of warranty, breach of contract, tort, or otherwise.
Some retailer may offer different warranties.
If you still have questions, please feel free to ask.