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Mayland Group has a highly professional design team to work for dealers, customers, builders and contractors. We offer a Free Design Service with an expert team of designers ready to make your dream kitchen come true. Our Design Software 20-20 is by far the most used pro kitchen design software used in north america and in the world. To learn more about 20-20 design, please find at 


There are many factors to consider when you are planning a kitchen cabinet layout design. For instance, if you are remodeling your old kitchen, you will need to measure the space you have. How do you do that? You will need at least two people to measure a room correctly for your kitchen cabinet layout design.
One person should hold the end of the tape measure, while the other person pulls the other end tightly. You don’t want the tape to sag or bend as this will give you incorrect measurements and you will regret it after you realize your kitchen cabinet layout design has been ruined because nothing fits correctly. Use a professional tape measure to ensure the right measurements.
When you measure, be sure you include every detail. It is essential that you measure the entire perimeter including walls that won’t have cabinets. In order to eliminate any planning problems, the planner needs to create a precise blueprint of the entire room. Begin measuring on your left and work towards the right. First measure the entire wall’s length, you should then go back and measure each item that is on the wall. Do not begin to measure another wall, until you are done measuring all objects on the wall you are currently measuring. To be absolutely sure your measurements are correct, swap ends of the tape measure with your partner. Let them read the measurements to be certain you have the same figures.
Be sure you measure the next wall end to end. When you measure a window, calculate the width from the outside left edge to the outside right edge. When you measure the height of a window, you measure from the outside top edge to the outside bottom edge. You will need to measure from the floor to the bottom edge of the window and from the ceiling to the top of the window edge. Do not leave any items or objects out when you are measuring. Include things like baseboard heat or heating vents. When you are done measuring all walls, you should be back to where you began. Avoiding errors when you are measuring for your kitchen cabinet layout design will save you from making a costly mistake when ordering your kitchen cabinets.
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